Reciprocating Compressors


Standard Air Compressors for PET


Our service and reputation as a consultant-supplier: we provide our clients with a solution rather than equipment

Availability to invest in understanding and finding solutions for the market

Support during your whole project:

• Technical and Commercial support from the Feasibility Study stage to installation and operations / maintenance

• Quick turnaround of enquiries

• Ability to expedite and manage deliveries

• Original spare parts availability

• After sales and maintenance support












To be seen by our customers as the leading and the most exciting process technology solutions provider in the Indo-Pacific Region, and to make a lasting contribution to our customers and the community in which we operate


• Care of our people and the environment
• Organizational learning and development
• Value delivered to our client
• Engineering skill and creativity


End Users

For Q-boss it is important for us to build a relationship with our end users so that we can be sure we understand their needs and requirements, and so that we are able to explain the technical and financial benefits of our proposed solutions.

Over the past 25+ years, our equipment have been bought and installed by a number of the largest and most successful companies in the world;  including major oil & gas organisations.

Our equipment, services and solutions are making a lasting contribution to our clients and the communities in which they operate.

We are supremely confident of the quality and safety of these equipment and proud that these solutions are adding technical and commercial value to our clients.

Engineering Consultants

On large projects, we like to have early contact with the consulting team responsible for the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED).

In our experience, through a mutual understanding of our client’s objectives and needs, we are able to offer solutions which can save time and costs in design and which can offer considerable advantages to the end client.


We work hand in hand with contractors to ensure our equipment is supplied and commissioned with the minimum of fuss or issues.

Often prior to major contracts being awarded, clients or the EPC will undertake a value engineering exercise; it is common for our equipment and solutions to be chosen through the considerable total cost of ownership benefits we can bring to value engineering.


Our equipment is at the leading edge of quality and innovation, supported by considerable investment in in-house research, development and testing. We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences with universities and similar research-oriented organisations, particularly in new fields such as sustainable energy.


Stephen Quantrill (Director)

Stephen Quantrill founded Q-Boss Pty Ltd in 2011 to provide specialised energy, petrochemical and industrial process solutions and products in Australasia and the surrounding region.

He is an experienced and respected company Chairman, Director, business executive and advisor, and currently holds Board roles in oil and gas, resources, mining services, engineering, biotechnology, property and venture capital, including two Board positions on ASX-listed companies. He has more than ten years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, including in upstream and midstream, and has conducted business in Australia, Asia, Europe, South and North America and in Africa..

Stephen has a passion for business excellence and finding stand-out solutions for customers through the Q-Boss range of products and services, with focus on improving the total cost of ownership of products through the lifetime of the solutions.

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration, all with first class honours.

Manuela Teocchi (Marketing and Sales Manager)

Manuela Teocchi is the Marketing and Sales Manager of Q-Boss Pty Ltd, the company founded by Stephen Quantrill in 2011 to provide specialised energy, petrochemical and industrial process solutions and products in Australasia and the surrounding region.

She worked for more then 15 years as Market and Analysis Leader for a leading Italian process and manufacturing company, travelling worldwide (especially through the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia) and working closely with the major international companies operating in the oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, gas industry and LNG sectors.

Manuela has a passion for service excellence and meeting customer needs in relation to the Q-Boss range of products and services. She moved to Australia in 2014 to more closely follow and engage with the Australasian and regional market and to increase the opportunities for Q-Bossin these sectors.

Manuela holds a Bachelor degree in Business and International Trade, and a Master of Science in Corporate Finance, Management and Administration .